October 30, 2019

When people begin looking into hearing aids, a top concern is often how it will change their image. They tend to wonder what people will think when they see them wearing hearing aids.

Hearing aids do have a stigma, which can be a pretty big deterrent to getting them.

Hearing aids have a lot of benefits: easier hearing, background noise reduction, better communication. What if you could get all of those benefits with hearing aids that are invisible?  

Invisible hearing aids are now a reality! Now you may be able to improve your hearing without the stigma attached to hearing aid use, because no one will know you are wearing them!

IIC (Invisible-in-the-canal) hearing aids are now available are virtually invisible once inserted in the ear.

IIC Hearing Aid Benefits:

Invisibility. IICs are tiny! So tiny, once they are inserted into the ear canal, they are no longer noticeable. They fit deep into the ear canal and become virtually invisible. If the stigma of wearing hearing aids has stopped you from getting them, IICs may be worth looking into.

Comfort. IICs fit so snugly in the ear canal that don’t cause any echoing (called the occulusion effect) like larger hearing aids can. Sounds are therefore more natural, less hollow, and less distorted.

Long-Lasting. Because they sit so close to the ear drum, the power output for IICs is lower than with other hearing aids. This proximity to the ear drum also effectively prevents feedback. Even talking on the phone is easier! 

Superior Sound Quality. IICs also produce great sound quality. They sit so deep in the ear canal that they use the acoustics of the ear itself to channel the sound. This gives the sound a more natural tone, and since there are no wires or tubes, nothing blocks the sound either. All of these factors make for an easier adjustment when first using hearing aids. People also report better sound localization.

There are a few drawbacks to consider as well when making your decision.

IIC Hearing Aid Drawbacks:

Limited Directionality. Being so small, IICs only support one microphone and don’t offer the same directionality that other, larger hearing aids with multiple microphones can offer.

Small Batteries. The small size of IICs can only support a smaller battery, which is exhausted more quickly than the bigger batteries in other hearing aids, so it requires more frequent charging.

For Moderate Hearing Loss Only. IICs will benefit people with mild to moderate hearing loss most, because the smaller size offers limited capabilities.

One Size Does Not Fit All. Sometimes IICs are not a good fit based on the shape of a person’s ears. Some people have “short” ear canals or have an irregular shape and IICs may not fit properly.

IIC hearing aids are a great technological advancement and offer a good solution for many people with mild to moderate hearing loss. If you are worried about large, awkward hearing devices IICs may be worth investigating. Your audiologist can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you decide.  

The first step to halting hearing loss and preventing further damage is to recognize your situation. Come in today for a hearing screening and formulate a strategy to train your brain to listen actively and effectively.

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