February 16, 2021

It’s the month of love! When we think of Valentine’s Day we think of romance and cupid, but our senses make all of these things possible, and make all of these things enjoyable! The sights and sounds of life are what bring meaning to our world. Yet if you have hearing loss you know that can put a damper on any experience.

What if there was something you could easily do that would change everything, giving you the ability to hear and experience the world just like you did when you were younger?

Fortunately, modern technology has provided us with just such an option: hearing aids.

Don’t waste time!

Did you know that on average, people with hearing loss wait 10 years before they address hearing loss in any way? Unfortunately, hearing loss is something that does not get better, and it’s not reversible: so the earlier it is addressed the better.

And did you know that getting hearing aids can actually slow or even stop the progression of hearing loss? That’s right: getting hearing aids could actually prolong your good hearing!

Cost is a factor: hearing aids are not cheap and are usually not covered by insurance. But think of hearing aids as an investment: in your life now, and for your future.

Do I have hearing damage?

The best, simplest way to verify your degree of hearing loss is yearly hearing screenings. Once you have determined your level of hearing damage, you can evaluate options to do something about it.

Hearing aids are a useful tool to restore hearing for many people. When your hearing is reestablished, you get your power and your independence back! You can go where you want, when you want, communicate freely, socialize with your friends, and enjoy entertainment without worry.

When you invest in hearing aids, you are investing in YOU.

  • Your overall health benefits when you improve your hearing.

Did you know a host of physical issues are correlated with hearing loss? Cognitive decline, dementia and heart disease have been linked to hearing loss, just to name a few. Hearing loss can sometimes be an indicator for other serious health issues, so keeping on top of your hearing situation is more important than ever!

Hearing loss also often results in other issues, from loneliness to apprehension in social settings, which may lead to resentment, isolation, and despair. This cycle can perpetuate itself unless you break free by making a change.

Cognitive decline commonly results from hearing loss because of reduced brain stimulus. Imbalanced inner ear fluids can also lead to vertigo and other balance issues, which can lead to falls.

  • Studies show that getting hearing aids may enhance social life and emotional health.

When it is difficult to communicate, social interaction becomes awkward and challenging. Misunderstandings can strain relationships, which can result in social isolation.

Restore friendships and get your social life back by taking the initiative to restore your hearing!

Hearing loss can make you dependent on others because being out in the world on your own becomes more difficult. This loss of autonomy can bring about depression when you begin to feel out of control of your own life.

Get your hearing back and get your life and your independence back!

  • Your career can benefit too!

When normal hearing is restored using hearing aids, this may also improve your communication at work and result in better productivity.

Good communication is key within a professional work setting. When hearing loss causes a reduction in job performance, that could then lead to reduced pay or demotions.

The cognitive decline that can be associated with hearing loss and reduced mental stimulation can make learning new things more difficult as well. When you think about that, not investing in your hearing can actually cost you money!

Remember that the first step to halting hearing loss and preventing further damage is to recognize your situation. Come in today for a hearing screening and formulate a strategy to train your brain to listen actively and effectively.

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