September 10, 2021

Hearing loss is common among American adults. Despite this, only about 20% of people with hearing damage pro-actively address this issue.

Most hearing loss is permanent and can’t be reversed, so it is necessary to prevent further damage at the first sign of healing loss. The best way to avoid severe healing loss is to discover it in the early stages and implement a plan before you even notice it.

How do I know I have hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a commonplace problem that accompanies aging, so the best way to detect it as early as possible is to have regular hearing screenings with an audiologist. Hearing evaluations are quick and easy. Your local audiologist will be happy to set up annual appointments to have your hearing examined. It’s effortless and simple, and it can uncover even very slight hearing loss: before you perceive it yourself. The findings can help you to know your level of hearing damage and what to do next.

Since hearing loss is very gradual and progressive and because it’s most often irreversible, catching it early is key. Hearing aids have been a great tool to help prevent the progression of hearing loss and allow you to retain mental acuity for as long as possible. If you suffer from any level of hearing loss, no matter how minimal, you could benefit from hearing aids.

Hearing devices can help you restore hearing capacity, which can you in several ways, from your independence to communication, social life and entertainment.

Do It Now!

As with most new things, many people procrastinate getting hearing screenings or looking into hearing aids. American adults with hearing loss wait 7-10 years on average to seek out care. Since early detection is crucial to preventing further loss, the best strategy is to proactively prevent the need for treatment later.

Because they are often not covered by insurance, hearing devices may have a significant out of pocket cost. This is an investment: if you are pro-active now, it pay off in multiple ways in the years to come.

Here are a few considerations why to invest in hearing aids now:

Hearing Can Affect Overall Health

Cognitive decline, dementia, and heart disease have all been linked to hearing loss. Keeping tabs on your hearing now can have implications in other areas of your health.

Suffering with hearing loss can also be isolating. You may feel confused and anxious in public settings, and this can make you want to stay indoors and keep to yourself. Stress and anxiety are detrimental to our health and well-being as well. This kind of stress can result in depression, anxiety, and outbursts of anger.

Hearing loss leads to decreased brain stimulation, which can speed up cognitive decline. Balance issues like Vertigo may also be caused by an imbalance of inner ear fluids with some forms of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Can Improve Emotional Well-being, Resulting in a More Vibrant Social Life

When hearing loss is a factor, especially when it has gone undiagnosed, communication confusion can strain relationships negatively impact social life. Healthy communication is always the best way to keep your cherished connections strong. Social isolation may thus follow an unidentified hearing struggle.

Getting along in the outside world is dependent on hearing ability. People with hearing issues may then become more reliant on others for everyday life. To maintain your independence, make sure you pro-actively address hearing as you age.

Prevent depression, social anxiety and preserve your independence by staying on top of your hearing!

Financial Benefits of Restored Hearing

You may also realize professional benefits of pro-actively preventing hearing loss.

Consider this: communication at work is key. With several misunderstandings, you could have diminished job performance, and that can lead to demotions or reductions in pay.

If you experience cognitive decline as a result of hearing loss, that’s even worse for your job performance. You could struggle to learn new things, which can have further implications on your career. When you consider this perspective, you can’t afford not to invest in hearing aids!

The first step to halting hearing loss and preventing further damage is to recognize your situation. Come in today for a hearing screening and formulate a strategy to train your brain to listen actively and effectively.

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