October 19, 2021

Have you had hearing aids for a while and you’re not sure if upgrading or getting different hearing aids is worth the investment?

Or do you suspect you have some hearing loss and you’re not sure if getting hearing aids at all is a good fit for you?

Hearing loss is a very common thing as we age, yet most people don’t pay attention to it or address it.

That’s a shame, because hearing loss not reversible, and it can cause cognitive decline in the long run. It is crucial to prevent the advancement of hearing loss by diagnosing and treating it as early as possible.

You may not even know you have hearing loss.

Since hearing loss comes on very gradually, you may not notice it until it starts affecting your life. The good news is it’s easy to detect hearing loss before you even notice it. Isn’t that ideal? Catch it early before it affects your life!

The simplest way to determine if you have any hearing loss at all is to get a hearing screening at your audiologist’s office. You should do this annually: that way your audiologist can measure your hearing this year to your hearing level in previous years. Then you will know if you have any hearing loss and the best course of action.

Most people with hearing loss benefit from hearing aids. Hearing aids are an efficient way to restore hearing capability. Hearing affects so many aspects of our lives, so alongside hearing, you can reestablish your social life, the fun of entertainment, enjoyment of family get-togethers and stress-free, ordinary communication.

Waiting can do more harm than good.

Research shows that adults in the US with hearing loss wait about a decade before addressing it at all. That’s regrettable, because the sooner hearing damage is identified, the better off you are. The progression of hearing loss can be avoided by acting now.

It’s understandable that people will wait. You may not think it’s an issue for you, but as we have discussed—it’s much better to detect it before you notice it at all so you don’t have any interruptions or inconveniences in your life.

To be sure, hearing devices are not cheap, and they are not covered by many medical plans. But when you think of it as an investment, it can change your perspective.

What is your social life worth? What is your independence worth? What is your ability to drive and live your life every day in the world worth to you? You can invest in your health and life now. Your future self will thank you for these pro-active steps.

How are hearing aids an investment?

  • Good hearing benefits overall health… and your brain!

Hearing loss is linked to many health issues, from cognitive decline to heart problems. Attending to your hearing health could save your life! Hearing loss can also make life frustrating, which can lead to social isolation and depression. Nobody needs that.

  • Hearing aids can enhance your social life and emotional health!

Hearing loss can also make life frustrating, which can lead to social isolation and depression. Nobody needs that. Reestablish communication with friends and family and get your life back!

Reestablish your freedom and get your social life back by restoring your hearing!

  • Your professional life with thank you

Success in your job role also depends on communication skills.

Trouble communicating at work can hinder productivity, and that could eventually lead to demotions. Not investing in your hearing could actually cost you money!

What if I already have hearing aids?

If you already use hearing aids you probably know most of these benefits, and may not think this applies to you.

But if you’ve had your hearing aids for more than a few years, you may be surprised how fast the technology has advanced.

New hearing aids could benefit you in ways you never dreamed, from the ability to change settings and volume on your smartphone to wearing hearing aids that are nearly invisible to others.

It is worth asking your audiologist if new hearing aid technology is a good fit for you.

The first step to halting hearing loss and preventing further damage is to recognize your situation. Come in today for a hearing screening and formulate a strategy to train your brain to listen actively and effectively.

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