October 23, 2017

Some people seem to have boundless energy, tackling a full day of work meetings and going out for drinks and dinner afterwards, then talking about all their weekend adventures. Others, however, have trouble making it through the day at work and can think of nothing better than going home and resting all evening and on the weekends, especially when a long meeting was involved. If normal interaction with co-workers and friends tends to make you unusually tired and you suffer from hearing loss, you may also be suffering from listening fatigue.

Listening Fatigue

People with hearing loss put forth more effort in listening to and communicating with others. Because these interactions are more difficult they have to strain to understand words that take no effort on the part of most people.

Hearing fatigue is a common side effect of hearing loss. It was estimated that $56 billion annually is lost by businesses due to hearing-fatigue related issues. Some people even quit their jobs because they become frustrated with the increasing difficulty of communication and the effort it takes at work. Eventually the strain to engage and stay focused becomes too much to handle.

Consider Your Options

If you think you may be suffering from hearing fatigue as a result of hearing loss, you are not alone! Fortunately, there are many technologically advanced hearing aids that can help combat this stress and fatigue and help you to communicate and understand others better. These new devices can help you not only hear sounds more easily but can also help your brain to interpret those sounds and cancel out background noise that may interfere.

Consider a hearing screening to determine your specific need and the best device to fit you.
Other ways to help you combat listening fatigue are:

  • Try to schedule quiet hours during the day at work where you can be productive without interruptions
  • When you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a break for a few minutes and breathe deeply.
  • If possible, take a quick nap or read for a few minutes to give your ears and brain a rest

Most importantly, hearing loss can be arrested and sometimes treated if caught early, so don’t wait. Come in today for a hearing test and take control of your hearing and your health!

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