How Smart Are Your Hearing Devices?

November 13, 2017

Do you have a smartphone? How about a smart TV or smart meter outside your home? Everywhere we look, our technology has gotten “smart.” What does “smart” mean, exactly? It means our devices can communicate wirelessly with other devices, whether through Wi-Fi, bluetooth or a cellular or other connection.

Every technology in our lives is getting smarter, and that includes hearing aids! Today’s latest technology allows hearing aids to actually “learn” our preferences and adjust accordingly, making life easier with less manual adjustments and more seamless and natural hearing experiences. Hearing aids are also now equipped with the capability of connecting wirelessly with other electronic devices such as your phone, your TV and other smart devices!

Environmental Adjustment

Every environment is different: from the quiet calm of your home first thing in the morning to a bustling restaurant, a work setting or a loud sporting event. Today’s hearing devices gather information from the surrounding environment and automatically adjust to suit your needs in that environment. No more worrying about adjusting your device between locations: your hearing aids have you covered!

Easier Manual Adjustment

When manual adjustments do need to be made, your hearing devices can be adjusted remotely through an app on your smartphone. Not only is it easier and more convenient, adjusting your hearing devices on your smart phone is as inconspicuous as sending a text or checking the weather.

Learning Your Preferences

With every adjustment you make, your smart hearing device is paying attention. It will learn how you hear best in a given environment and automatically adjust for you next time you are in that situation, for a hearing experience that becomes more seamless and natural over time.

Wireless Connection

Your hearing devices will also wirelessly connect to each other. You no longer need to worry about a wire connecting your devices, and the signal reaches both pieces simultaneously, which helps the ears to both hear more accurately and your brain to process the sounds faster and more efficiently.

Smart and Social!

With new smart hearing devices you’ll find yourself able to do things people without hearing devices can’t do–like stream music, programming, TV shows and live content straight to your ears! You can adjust the volume based on your preference without a TV remote, and answer a phone call without ever touching your phone! It’s like having a set of stereo headphones in your ears all the time!

The apps on your phone can also help you to discreetly control volume and other audio features from your phone, making your life easier.

Background Noise is a Thing of the Past

Smart hearing devices block background noise automatically, from outdoor wind to voices at a busy restaurant. Your brain can then distinguish best which sounds you need to hear and help you to understand and communicate effectively in any situation.

Smart hearing devices can help make your life easier every day, from work to play and back home. Come in and check out some of the latest hearing technology we have to offer, and you’ll see how these devices can make wearing hearing aids more convenient and effortless than ever!

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